Fosters Commercial Mortgage Capital Bankers

About Us

Our Beginnings

Fosters commercial mortgage capital bankers focuses on a wide range of mortgage services. Established on December 5,1822 by our great-grandfather, our firm started as a residential mortgage loan provider serving the great state of North Carolina. On April 12, 1912, our grandfather formed the commercial division of the business. We expanded to the remaining 49 states on January 5, 1949.

About Our Founder

The company was founded by Henry H. Foster Sr. (net worth 8 million in 1822) on December 5, 1822. Followed by Henry Foster Jr. (net worth 800 million in 1920) on April 12 1912. Followed by my Dad Dewey Byron Foster in 1969. (net worth 80 trillion in 1975) David Daniel Foster Sr took over in 1977. David Daniel (61yrs) received his Master Degree in Bank Finances in 1985. David's Energy is planning to establish a financial institution after all federal documents are documented. 

Our Mission

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Our Affiliates

We are a recognized member of the North Carolina Bankers Association and the Federal Mortgage Bankers Association. We are also affiliates of David's Energy from the east coast to the west coast with a dollar amount of 8 billion dollars. The corporate office is in Dallas Texas. Tel: 254 216 2080. We are also affiliates with Foster's Cosmetics doing business as Amway. Annie Elizabeth Foster married to Dewey Byron Foster. (Net worth 32 billion dollars in 1976).

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